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Bahawalpur: The Land of Golden Sand, Forts and Palaces
ISBN No: 9693531612
Author: Muhammad Tanveer Jhandir
Publisher: SMP
Language: English
Subject: History, Bahawalpur
Year: 2018
Price: Rs.  3500
The main idea to compile this book is to provide firsthand knowledge to the people visiting Bahawalpur especially its historical background/tourist spots like Forts, Palaces, Pattan Minara, Shrines, Zoo, Museums, Mosques, Major Institutions, Development Activities, Cholistan (adventure opportunities) and handicrafts like pottery, handmade shoes (Khusa), embroidery etc. It will also provide information to the reader about its Economic, Political, Social, Cultural and Religious trends and will be helpful in providing data bank to public and private sector as well as tourist visiting the Bahawalpur Division.
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