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ISBN No: 9693527976
Publisher: SMP
Language: ENGLISH
Year: 2014
Price: RS  895
Mr. Abid Hassan Minto, the eminent Constitutional Jurist, political leader and literary critic, has this to say about the book: Mujahid Eshai has done well to translate into English, a selection from Saadat Hassan Manto’s non-fictional work and from essays written about him by his friends and contemporaries. The book comes at an opportune time, as a substantial corpus of Manto’s plays, fictional and non-fictional has already been published and the translator’s contribution follows the centenary celebrations of Manto, presenting a befitting testament to the timelessness of his narrative finding great appeal and acceptance with a much wider readership today than perhaps ever before. Mujahid Eshai’s careful selection of Manto’s non-fictional work and translation of the commentary and critique it generated among his contemporaries holds importance for the English readership and Manto enthusiasts. The literary repertoire of Manto and his works was thus far restricted to smatterings of translations of his fictional work. The translator has broadened the canvas for all to now access the man in the context of his social influences and political compulsions, more importantly it affords a unique window for the reader to appreciate a deeper and a more organic linkage of the man to his writings. It is to the translator’s credit that through his book he has aided the reader to chart pathways from and to Manto’s work in an enduring fashion. In all “Manto on and About Manto” is a most valuable addition to the world of English books about Saadat Hassan Manto.
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