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ISBN No: 9693525701
Publisher: SMP
Language: ENGLISH
Year: 2012
Price: RS  1200
This book is about clarifying concepts. It is about defining the role of the institution of Media that should be playing a pivotal role in the evolving society of our country-- but somehow, there is a slip between the cup & the lip! The concept of Freedom of Expression & Freedom of Speech for example is little understood. The theories, limitations, cases. All aspects have been discussed to give the bigger picture. Defamation, Contempt of Court, Cyber Law, Electronic Media, Social Responsibility of Media; discussed threadbare with comparative laws existing in other countries. This book tries to address questions raised in every sphere. It is not another "theory book" expounding concepts. It moves beyond discussing concepts to what issues exist in the world of communications in Pakistan. What are the questions that need to be addressed by relevant authorities in different mediums of communication and their possible solutions too, are offered. More often than not , the issues are pin-pointed but no steps to redress a situation are chartered out. Here, the reader,the media practitioner and any one else interested, finds; practical, workable steps to develop media into a vibrant institution that is ready to play a positive role in knitting together the Pakistani Society & building bridges where needed--not creating further disenchantment & chaos!
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